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macaroni and freezeMACARONI AND FREEZE is now available for pre-order! RELEASE DATE: July 7, 2015.

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Dear Reader:

Hopefully, it won’t be a hard winter like it was last year. I think that the only one who likes a looong winter and lots of snow is my three year old golden retriever, Blondie.

blondie in the snow

I just love the holidays-Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s-but spring in New York is a joy! The tulips, the daffodils, the hyacinths and lilacs are just beautiful.

But I’m rushing things. I’ll slow down.

I am looking forward to the release of the third book in my “comfort food” series, DINERS, DRIVE-INS AND DEATH (January, 2015). This book was so much fun to write. I just love writing about little Sandy Harbor and the village’s quirky residents. The quirkiest of them all is Antoinette Chloe Brownelli, or ACB for short, the muumuu wearing, flip-flopping, pal of Trixie Matkowski. In this book, ACB’s boyfriend goes missing, and his body was discovered as ACB breaks ground for a drive-in. ACB’s person items are littered all over the crime scene, and Deputy Sheriff Ty Brisco had no choice but to arrest her.

What about the Miss Salmon Pageant contestants? What about the Roving Rubbers, a “gang” of motorcycle riding chefs? What about the smarmy restaurant investor?

Trixie has to investigate and find the real culprit.


What else am I looking forward to?

Disney World! My darling husband and I are going to visit Mickey and Minnie when the snow is flying here. Yup, we’ll be warm in sunny Florida. Just a little break from the New York freezer!

I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015. I hope Santa Claus and all his minions bring you and yours health, happiness, and lots of smiles and laughter!


Be safe and thank you for your support throughout the year!


Chris Wenger

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diners, drive-ins and death

This perfect cover represents the inside of my Silver Bullet Diner just as I see it in my mind. And notice the drive-in in the distance and my puppy Blondie on the floor!

Remember drive-ins? They are beginning to become extinct.


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Best-selling author Daryl Wood Gerber started, “Trixie is a sassy sleuth with a heart of gold.”


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